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Why Choose Attrisys for Amazon Sales?

Traffic Source Expansion

Unlock a Universe of Traffic: Connect effortlessly to an extensive network of traffic sources.

Elevate Your Sales: Leverage influencer marketing tracking for explosive sales growth.

Precision at Scale: Generate bulk tracking links for pinpoint accuracy in your campaigns.

Data Integration Solutions

Overcome Traffic Isolation: Seamlessly interlink diverse traffic data sources.

Discover Data's True Potential: Dive deep with comprehensive funnel data tracking.

Visualize Success: Enhance marketing strategies with clear, actionable analytics.

Amplify Promotional Impact

Insight-Driven Strategies: Gain instant clarity on high-impact promotions with multi-dimensional data.

Monitor, Optimize, Profit: Track in real-time across the entire path to maximize promotional efficacy and margins.

Expert Edge: Benefit from our specialized ad optimization analysis for your campaigns.

Workflow: From Insight to Action

Harness Targeted Off-Site Traffic for Efficient Amazon Conversions

Bulk Link Creation

Instantly create multiple custom tracking links with our user-friendly templates, saving time and enhancing precision in your ad campaigns. Effortlessly handle complex link management and ad matching, ensuring more accurate and efficient ad placements.

Detailed Data Tracking

Track every detail down to the keyword level, clearly displaying ROI for each keyword, ad creative, and audience segment. Use these insights to refine your ad strategies, maximizing marketing effectiveness and reducing costs.

Visual Reporting

Eliminate data silos with an all encompassing view of your campaign's performance, including trends, product successes, influencer impacts, and channel effectiveness.Easily grasp marketing opportunities and pinpoint the best promotional channels with visual analytics.

Cross-Device Tracking

Overcome mobile tracking challenges with our cross-device and multi-device tracking capabilities, directly enhancing the effectiveness of social media promotions.

Brand Traffic Benefits

Leverage Attrisys-generated links to join brand traffic reward programs, maximizing incentives from on-site Amazon sales and boosting overall cost efficiency.

Integrated Link Management

Seamlessly combine full-path data from various channels to conversion, supporting data tracking across Google, Facebook, TikTok, Bing, influencers, and more, for optimal promotional synergy and efficiency.

Case Studies: Effectively Achieve Goals

Peak Season Boost for Smart Fitness Brand with Omnichannel Amazon Marketing

Fitness equipment

Ad Conversion Boost: 34% Increase in Ad Conversion Rate
Sales Growth: Over 500 Monthly Sales Increase
Rapid Ranking Climb: Improved from 400 to 27 in Two Months


What Our Clients are Saying?

"Integrating Attrisys, we resolved off-Amazon traffic tracking, eliminating blind ad placements. This sparked maximum product interest, boosting sales with precision, leading to a sixfold increase in orders in two months."

Yang, Digital Marketing Manager

"Attrisys has enhanced our marketing, tracking clicks, adds, and purchases across ads and influencer campaigns, proving invaluable for performance evaluation and data visualization."

Jennifer, Head of Overseas Marketing at Laifen

"With rising competition, securing on-Amazon traffic is tougher. Attrisys enables precise off-site traffic management, enhancing process visibility and boosting our listing rankings."

Mr. Chen, Digital Marketing Manager

"Attrisys has been our go-to marketing partner, offering professional insights and in-depth content, with their expertise affirming our choice."

Catherine, Digital Marketing Manager

"Attrisys resolved our issue with off-Amazon traffic not effectively contributing to product weight. Its intermediary page feature optimizes landing pages, enhancing traffic quality and conversion rates, equalizing our conversions."

Mr. Lu, Founder of uahpet

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